Kasaundra Kincaid

I grew up in Oregon with a passion for photographing ever since I was a child. I received my first camera ever, a Barbie film camera, and since then, I used every camera until it died which developed into a love for photography and a passion and drive to make it my career at the age of 13. What started out as nature photography turned into photojournalism in high school after learning about Dorothea Lange. It changed yet again when I moved to Seattle to further study journalism at the Art Institute, to fashion and developed into fine art. I enjoy fashion with a little fine art tint to it.

I feel like I have a knack for feeling, bringing out emotions in a photograph that I think embodies the photo and has a connection with anyone who views it. Everything I create now has a personal touch to it, resembling life and death, the importance of your place on Earth and what could be barricading one from continuing the life they want to live by using special props, movement, and editing techniques.

email: kasaundrak@gmail.com


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